Friday, June 17, 2011


Officially the calendar still says spring! The kids are on summer break, but it is only mid June. We are in the Nth day of 100* ++++ weather and the most severe DROUGHT in almost 100 years. YES, W Texas is HOT. Mind you, I'm NOT complaining ~ I greatly DISLIKE the COLD, so the warm is just fine.

We joined the local pool and the kids and I are swimming, diving, and playing in the pool. My water camera is getting a real workout :-) Luckily, the pool is only about 4 or 5 blocks so we can walk or bike to it.

Here are some pics of all the fun we are having:

I love how water bubbles come out under water!

Dare devil AJ

Yep, the ONLY old lady at the pool diving off the high dive!!

Well, in this heat the pool feels great. This is where we are living! What about you? Are you swimming to keep cool?


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Cheryl said...

YEP! We have a pool at home, and we spend a TON of time out there! The kids and I would live in the water if we didn't get so wrinkly! LOL It hasn't been as hot here in SE Nebraska though...we've had some 90+ degree days, but the temps keep fluctuating so much that the pool water gets cold and then when we want to swim, we freeze our tushies off! Hope it gets hot and stay hot for awhile to warm the water up! :o)