Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kevin's HGTV Woes!

I like to watch HGTV! In fact you might say I'm addicted to it! So often it seems there is nothing on TV worth watching, I put on HGTV. I can clean house, do laundry, come in and out and listen to it. I can work on my lap top with it on! I can have it on in the basement and scrapbook with it on. I don't have to pay close attention to it, and they do a lot of recaps during the shows. I also get a lot of neat ideas, so that when I can't sleep at night I dream and scheme about my house! See where this is going?

Years ago, in fact when Amelia was a baby, a store went out of business. I bought their amazing hand built cabinets for our garage. 1 of them I put in my laundry room. It had 2 shelves and 2 hanging rods. Only problem it covered my window in my laundry room and recently I've been tired of how dark it seems back there! I recently saw something on one of the HGTV shows and got me to thinking. Dangerous, I know! So I mentioned my idea to Kevin. Pretty easy he said. We started measuring, looking around the garage and yard at all our scrap wood, and sure enough we had everything we needed!

So, let me show you in pictures what we built in one day, then took a couple of days to paint and finish out. We did this project for about $35.00 because we used scrap lumber :-)


A family project day

I quickly painted the nook in the laundry room!

Tyler learns to use the router

I built those saw horses in high school!!

I'd given AJ the camera, this is a self portrait! He was providing weight while Amelia sanded!  Love this photo!

Nap time for the Slave labor!

Going in nicely!

A little trim finishes the job!

Its done!

My design works, food and litter on floor, baskets on shelf, and folding table on top :-)

My laundry room is now very functional! I'm quite pleased. The new washer/dryer look great with the new folding shelf. I'm so lucky to have such a skilled hubby. Thanks hun for building this and putting up with my wild ideas :-)

Do you do DIY's? (This is NOT a paid ad for HGTV!!)


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Debra Sue Oden said...

Wow! They look GREAT!! Y'all did a fabulous job and you just can not beat $35!!