Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I can Finally Release My Breath!!

As you may know, Amelia turned 15 in January and has been chomping at the bit to get her permit. Well, knowing that they day was coming, Kevin got a brilliant idea to start car shopping early. He thought it would be wise to get her a car and let her train in it so when she starts driving she will be use to the car.

Amelia has developed a love for Mustangs over the last 2 years. Mustangs is all she talks about. She can spot a Stang on the road anywhere we go. Last week Kevin went car shopping and he found a real good deal on a 2003 Mustang.

I knew I was taking Amelia for her permit on Monday of Spring Break. We decided to purchase the Stang last Friday, and arranged to have it delivered to the house today, Tuesday.

Talk about the hardest secret in my life to keep!! I've been holding my breath since Friday!!!! Our adopted daughter, Ashley, figured it out because she was around for several phone calls! She was under death threat if she told Amelia!

So this morning, I took Amelia at the crack of dawn back to DPS for a second try on her written test, she passed!!! Then, about 11:30 I had her drive me to the grocery store. The car was delivered, Kev put the bow on, and we arrived in back.

Kev said he needed help with something in front, we came out the front door, and there is this car in the drive way along with some of our friends and her brothers!!

Amelia was in shock! Here are some pics!

 Passed the test for her permit!

 Posting to FB that she passed!

 Thumbprints, photos, and signatures done!

 Amelia can drive us home!

Seeing her car for the first time!

 I have to laugh, I bought a bow, the guys had to figure it out!!

 Amelia is in shock!

 Interesting hat!

Amelia has had fun driving around the neighborhood today :-) 

A new chapter in her life is unfolding and a new one in ours.    Wish us luck

I'll keep you posted on the driver's ed and how it is going!


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Amelia said...

Thanks Mom and Dad!! I love my mustang!! I still cant believe it is mine!!!(: love you so very much!!