Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Days in Disney - Jan Trip

I'm sorry friends, life just gets in the way of blogging! I can't believe it is already March, seems like yesterday that Kevin, Davenna, Steve, & I were palling around the World having a blast.

Since time is slipping away from me, I'm changing my mind on how I was going to do things ::sigh::

Here are some moments from our January trip. I do hope to cover restaurants and some of the special things we did, but here are some of the PRO pics!! And I do mean some, we ended up with 500 pictures! Who says you need kids to enjoy Disney?

 Everyone is a kid at WDW!

 Had to get our picture with Phineas & Ferb, after all the kids love to watch their show :-)
 Kevin, Carrie, Davenna, and Steve ~  B & W or Color??

 Davenna loves balloons!!

 Everyone loves Tink!

 Pirates of the Caribbean ride broke down, so we got in line to see Pirate Goofy, by the time we finished with Goofy, the ride was back up, no wait!  We got all the way to the jail scene and the ride broke down again.  We were pushed back to the burning buildings scene.  It took about an hour but we finally got out!

 Goofy was being goofy, kept putting his hand and arm in front of the guys!  Goofy wanted to be with the gals all by himself!

 Minnie Mouse loved my 'Minnie' nails!

 I think we have some Testosterone going on here!


 To Infinity... and Beyond!!!

 Tomorrow Land Terrace Dessert Party, boy it was yummy!

 I just love the special effect pictures at WDW :-)

I think this was my 18th trip to WDW! I'm almost willing to say it was the best, almost! No kids, no worries trying to show friends and newbies how to have a good time, just two sets of experienced adults having a great time!
Hmm, maybe the kids won't get the DVC membership in the inheritance as soon as they think!!! Just a thought...


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It is really good. Love the pictures!!! They are really good.