Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Has it been 27 Years?

I can't believe that on June 8th it was 27 years! Seems like yesterday that Kevin and I were hitched! We are soul mates and work together as a team on so many aspects that the years just fly by. Kevin came in that morning from working a 24 hour shift so he was tired. He went to bed and I went and had my hair done!! When I came home at noon I had a delivery:

Notice the Mickey's??!!!

This is the Balloon Bouquet that I received from Kevin! I just love it. We have had more fun playing with it, doing weight and balance and making the balloon float around the house! :-) Kevin was awake when I got home and we were all hungry. We made crepes. AJ decided that Kevin and I needed to eat alone in the dining room.

Our Unity Candle

Our 'private' brunch!  AJ was our maitre D!!!

Making the hot air balloon float!!!

For the evening, we went to a favorite restaurant that we don't get to go to very often. It is called, The Funky Door! It is a wine bistro with exquisite food!

Then after dinner we went and got frozen yogurt! It was a wonderful day, family time, alone time, and reflection. Just don't know where 27 years has gone! 27 down, and 73 more to go!! We usually take turns planning our anniversaries. This year was more or less Kev's turn. We kept it simple minimal expense because we are doing a cruise in Sept. for Kev's birthday :-) How many years have you been married? Do you celebrate and do silly things like us? People tease us all the time because we still hold hands, hug all the time and act like newlyweds! We are still in LOVE after all these years. Share your celebrations with me. Cozyflier

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