Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Transit of Venus

Yesterday a cosmological event happened that won't occur again in our lifetime. The Transit of Venus ~ Venus crossed in front of the Sun creating I believe an Antumbra shadow on the Earth. This was exciting! Kevin was actually off and we dug out the 1973 telescope and rigged a 3rd leg, 1 had broken! We watched Venus Transit across the Sun for over an hour yesterday! History in the making! We showed the neighbors, Chris and Micah came over, it was a little party!! Of course Ashley was here. AJ was very interested, and Kevin got to teach him some astronomy and science! So glad it wasn't cloudy like it was a couple weeks ago. I'll let you see:

 Kevin and AJ looking at the telescope sun reflector screen

 See that black dot?  The black dot is the shadow of Venus!!

Did you get to watch this event yesterday? It won't happen for 105 years. Cozyflier

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