Thursday, July 26, 2012

GeorgeTown Bridges

So yesterday on here I mentioned about bridges! Now, let me explain, these pictures are NOT great. I was driving, they were taken by Amelia through the car window, and the car is moving! But this winding, green tree lined bridge covered road was amazing!! I'm sorry, maybe to some of you it isn't, but even in Chicago we didn't have cool bridges like this! I guess in old age, 51, I'm becoming enamored with cool architecture. These bridges 'spoke' to me. I've always liked taking pictures of tall buildings when I was in the big city, getting unusual angles and such, but in DC the buildings are so neat :-) So here are the bridges, again, I'm sorry I couldn't stop in traffic. This road had no exits, no turn lanes! I had to drive 5 miles just to turn around to get back to where I wanted to be!!!! But, wow, what a view!!!

I so wished that there would have been a place to park so that we could take pictures under, around, on, and at the bridge!!  Or at any of them! 

Do you like bridges??



Tim said...

THe first three pictures are the Key (Francis Scott) Bridge between Georgetown and Rosslyn

mary beth said...

I've never really noticed the arcitechture of bridges until you pointed it out here. (now I am sure I will be taking pics of all the great bridges I see! LOL) In Germany I discovered the amazing designs of various doors I saw there. In New York I discovered the scroll work and gargoyles on many of the buildings.

Cozyflier said...

Oh MaryBeth, I love the buildings in NYC!! Those Gargoyles are something else!

Thanks, Tim, I figured you would know the names of some of the bridges. We didn't see any signs posted.