Thursday, July 26, 2012

GeorgeTown & GeorgeTown Cupcakes

After we dropped AJ off we drove 2 miles over to downtown Silver Spring and we got checked into our motel. Then we drove into DC to get a feel for the city. YIKES!!! We drove around muddled and confused. Parking was NON-existent and after 3 laps around the Washington Monument, I pulled into a parking lot that was for employees only! I talked to some rather non helpful park rangers that basically said I was S.O.L. So much for WALKING around the Washington Monument on our 1st day in the city! We drove around and saw many of the sites from the car. I could tell the kids were getting anxious, so I changed my attack. I saw the Potomac, and I remembered my niece had just been here the prior week or so and had found a really neat place in GeorgeTown. Amelia and Alex found driving UNDER the Kennedy Performing Arts Center really cool, and when I explained about the Water Gate Hotel, that was mildly interesting to them! The place we needed to turn into  I couldn't make a left turn! We ended up driving about 5 miles down this amazing road before I could legally make a turn. (I will do a bridges post). When we got to the parking lot, Amelia and Alex got out of the car and below is their expression:
They had never seen a parking meter before!!!!!!

This is the reason I wanted to come over to G-town, this amazing little water play area!  It was hot and we needed to cool down and have some fun and de-stress!

When it comes to water, I'm a kid at heart!

Amelia didn't want to get soaked!

A giant sun dial!  Wish Kevin was with us, he loves Sundials!!!

The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, magnificent!

The Water Gate Hotel, if those walls could talk!

Virginia skyline
The Potomac

I'm a drenched rat, but oh well, it was fun!!!  You can see the Kennedy Center and Water Gate in background.  Kennedy Center was going to be named something else, but when Kennedy was shot, He and Jackie were such great supporters of the arts, the city decided to name it after Kennedy.

Amelia loves her JUMP pictures!

On our last day, we picked up AJ and brought him over here.  In the middle of the afternoon when it was over 100*  the water fountain was NOT on to play in!  Can't imagine why???
More jump pictures!
I like the shadows!
So, in the HEAT we hiked the 2-4 UPHILL blocks to G-Town Cupcakes, well known to TLC fans!!!

My they look good!
And guess what?  They were De-leesh!!!!  Made for a nice snack in the car leaving town in RUSH hr!

We are happy consumers!!

GeorgeTown is high rent district according to the tour driver that we were on.  But it is a wonderful area to visit and explore if you are in area.  We also highly recommend visiting the cupcakes, but be prepared to stand in line!  Luckily, we only had to wait about 5-8 minutes.  Usually the line wraps around the block!

I'll tell you about the bridges next post, they are amazing!!


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