Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Great 10 Day 11 State Adventure

AJ, my youngest was nominated for Jr. National Young Leaders Conference (JNYLC). A teacher at school nominated him, and we were so proud. We were able to get into the week of July 14th-19. Kevin decided he had been to Washington, DC 3 times prior so he stayed home and continued working. Amelia helped me drive, she got a lot of good interstate experience for her Driver's Ed, but she would NOT drive in DC! All I can say, is I survived a week of driving in DC without a WRECK!!!! My excellent driving record is still in tact!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have several posts over the next week showing you all about our adventure! It was a 27 hour drive from Lubbock to DC! We left on the 12th and had to be Silver Spring, MD by 1pm on the 14th. AJ had to be checked in and I had to fill out paper work. Alex, Amelia's boyfriend, came along with us. He loves history and had never been to the capitol. Alex and AJ spent many hours playing games in the car. The kids watched movies and were amazed by the beautiful trees when we got out of TEXAS!!!!!!!

 Ready to hit the road!

 Amelia gets driving experience!

 Funk tradition, stop at Braums!

 I think we've got Alex hooked on Braums!

 It takes all day to get out of the state of TX!!!!

Day 2 we rolled into Memphis!

 Disney's monorail is better!!!

 We don't have tall trees like this in TX!!

 Virginia split rail fence.  When you drive along the road and see the fence, all the land it is around is protected land.

 AJ, ready to check in for his conference.

My he looks sharp!!

So if you are inclined, check back frequently and you will find out all about our adventure.  It was exhausting, thrilling, fun, and tiring!!


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