Thursday, January 7, 2010

Water Damage ~ UPDATE!

This is so NOT what I had planned!! Yesterday I told you about my water leak. Well, here is an update! It took the plumber, the head of the company, over 4 1/2 hours today to fix what the young kid couldn't handle in 2 1/2 hours yesterday!

The contractors and insurance adjuster told me how 'LUCKY' I was that the entire ceiling didn't explode and drop to the floor! I could have ended up with 3 feet of water on the floor and ALL my scrapbooking stuff ruined!

The extra hole back in the corner, is because the plumber had to drill a hole through the kitchen floor behind the refrigerator so he could run new 'pipe'/tubing through the ceiling so water can get from the kitchen sink to the fridge! Yeah, now I have ice and water. I only drink water and not having my filtered water was horrible, no, actually Lubbock water is horrible!!!

The mess, the first part of the mess. Bringing the ceiling down is making one heck of a mess. My ceiling light is down, I have 2 work lights in the room that is the reason why the color of the pics is off. I couldn't go to work today, and I won't be able to go in on Friday. Kevin has been out of town working and no one else is available to stay at the house. This is not the way I wanted to start the new year :(

Trying to dry out!



Stefunkc said...

My word lady. You just can't have a simple little fix, can you? :c)

Tim said...
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Tim said...

Hope they used plastic pipe. The good news if they did is you won't be getting a dose of copper with your water