Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here Comes the Sun, Opps, SNOW!!!!!!

Growing up in Chicago you have 4 seasons. NOT in Lubbock! Yesterday it was 60*, today this! Now, just once, I'd like to have snow without torrential rain, freezing sleet, and ice! The roads are hazardous, the power is flickering but the weirdest thing is the THUNDER SNOW! That is right, Thundering while it is Snowing, the thunder lasted 2 minutes during that one burst.

Texas Tech University canceled classes at noon, but the public school didn't! All the parents were going to the schools and picking up kids early. My son had to take a test in the dark as the school had no power! I finally reached his teacher on her cell phone, the school switchboards were being over run! I picked the kids up at noon.

The snow is pretty, but I hate the cold. I left Chicago for this reason. Here is what it looks like!

We may not have any tree limbs or bushes left after this winter. However, the snow coming down is pretty.

Hope ya'll are safe and warm.



Stefunkc said...

We haven't had snow yet. That's the next round. I would LOVE this if Shawn weren't on call. Because of that, I hate it.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

We keep tossing around the idea of moving to Texas and then I see things like this!!!!!