Thursday, January 14, 2010

Generic What?

Has anyone noticed that Wal-mart has started turning the groceries into generic store brand? They aren't the only ones doing it either. United, a local grocery store, has food club label, pretty soon we will be forced to purchase the store brand because they won't be carrying other brands! What happened to choice.

Now I do believe that some of the manufacturers went a bit over board, I mean really, do we need 50+ types of Crest tooth paste???!!! However, stores carrying multiple brands gave us consumers competition and a price selection. Now, if the store is going to carry, for example, only Great Value shredded cheese, then where is our choice as a consumer? Yes, Wal-mart still has better prices than United but this is 'irking' me.

Am I the only one annoyed?


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Princess Aurora said...

I was JUST saying this today on twitter! And why did Wal Mart chage the look of their generic products? The white wrappers/boxes/cans make the stuff look like Welfare food..... its hard to tell what things are....