Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Hunt!!!!!!!

Wed, AJ will be 11, yikes! But, Saturday Chris and I did some last minute shopping. Also I did the dreaded ~ Sams on a Saturday!!!!!!!! Anyway, Chris bought AJ the new Wii Toy Story Mania arcade game. AJ has been coveting this game for weeks! Being, that it was the weekend I asked Chris if he was going to give AJ the gift early so he could enjoy the game? Chris said yes, but then he came up with a brilliant idea. I've discussed how I have Brilliant kids before.
Chris decided to hide the game in the car. When we got home he told AJ, "I bought your birthday present, and you can have it, but you have to find it in the car!" Also, " You need to unload the $600+ of stuff from Sams and if you find trash, put in the dumpster!"

My car has never been unloaded so fast! After 10 minutes AJ came in and asked if this was a con or a joke? He couldn't find a present! Keep looking!! A little while later he came in holding questionable trash asking, "What kind of present is this?" Keep looking we said. We decided we'd better go outside and monitor the situation. Chris and I laughed and laughed!

AH, he's getting warmer!!

BINGO!!! Now, if my hearing will just return from the screeching that AJ did! I'm really surprised that the neighbors didn't come running because AJ screeched for several seconds.


PS just noticed that the date on my camera is messed up!

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Stefunkc said...

Oh that Chris. So much like his Dad!