Friday, February 12, 2010

It's MY Room!

Last night in the den sitting on the Love seat, I was stating to Kev that here I am 49. I've been married to him 25 years in June, we dated for 2 years, so I was explaining to him that I've known him over half my life! He said, yeah, 54 would be half. I shot him a look, then leaned over and Kissed him!

Amelia and AJ were also in the den. AJ, without skipping a beat pipes up and says, "get a room!" I reply, "It is MY room, my house!"

I guess we have officially reached the over the hill age where we embarrass our children and they don't want to see us kiss! I mean, come on we weren't making out!

Happy Valentine's Day from the old Fuddy Duddy's!!



miruspeg said...

How wonderful to be in love after all those years.
Happy Valentine's Day back to you Carrie.
Peggy xxx

Cozyflier said...

Thanks Peggy, Hugs back to you!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

awwww I think thats so cute...and Happy Valentines Day to you my dear!!!!

McMGrad89 said...

So sweet.