Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sooo Many pictures!

We all know that backing up our computers is essential. I have personally experienced computer crashes that are devastating both in our business and personally. I convinced Kevin to subscribe to Carbonite, however when I got my new Macbook Pro we have been having problems getting the subscription transferring over! I digress....

Since the year 2000, wow, 10 yrs ago, I have used a service called Snapfish! I just love Snapfish. Back in days of old, I would put my film in the little plastic envelope, wait a week, and then voila, I would have my pictures in my hands and in my e-mail. Then I could send out e-mails and all my friends all over the country could see my pictures!!!

Fast forward 10 years, now, I can upload my digital pictures to Snapfish and know that my priceless memories are backed up :) I can make gifts, order prints ~ very cost effective, and share with friends. Though, now that we have blogs, fb, and other mediums, sharing isn't my big priority. I can edit photos, and add cool borders to my pictures!

What is the reason for this post you are asking yourself about now? No, I'm not getting paid to do a commercial for Snapfish!! I just spent the last week uploading photos from 2009 to them! I got a little busy last year, and didn't do it on a regular basis like I normally do, so in the evenings, and while home ill, I let my computer churn away! Hour upon hour it sat here and loaded my photos to Snapfish.

I was absolutely amazed while going through my photos that I took 1124 photos in Bethany/OKC last summer while visiting my niece, Stephanie! Or that while on vacation last summer I took 1,895 photos!

I took Photos of stripping ~ paint that is, painting, refinishing furniture, getting a new front door, activities at school, kids dressing up, cooking, parties, and just about anything you can think of!

But one of my biggest subjects last year for photos? These guys:

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