Friday, February 19, 2010

Boredom Busters part Deux

I married a brilliant man, therefore my children are brilliant!! What does that have to do with my topic? Look at these pictures, AJ has discovered the domino effect! When he was little he tried to build some domino groups, but last week he really got it down.

This is when I wish I could get the video to work on blogger. I've tried before and just can't get it to work :( To see these creations collapse is so much fun. You'll just have to suffice with the still photos. I somehow missed General Grievous.

This was AJ's design/idea!!

Oh, back to my brilliant children ~ both AJ and Amelia missed most of the week of school. Unfortunately it was the end of the grading period. Upon returning to school Monday, they had to make up tests, no warning, both got 100's!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, just had to share. If you missed my first blog on what we did while home ill, read the first Boredom Busters!



~Thought's By Dena~ said...

wow those are awesome it would of been cool to see it on video!!! glad everyone is doing better now

Kevin Funk MD said...

I can prove that I am brilliant. I married you and have stayed married for these years with plans on more to come.

Anonymous said...

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