Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breakfast in Bed!! How was Your Mom's Day??

Mother's Day found me being greeted by my 2 young kiddos bringing breakfast they had cooked into my bedroom! Kevin was once again out of town working. :o(

Amelia and AJ even took several pictures while they cooked. I trained them well!!

Amelia insisted on pictures in bed! Oh please don't look at me!!

At 1 O'clock it was lunch with Mom at Ventura Place, the assisted living place she is now living in. There was a nice buffet.

3 Generations! Just missing Tyler, well, he will be in town another time.

My new video storage unit. This unit rotates, has adjustable shelves, has picture frames, bulletin board, and chalk board! It is awesome!

Sure hope ya'll had a safe, fun, blessed Mother's Day.


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