Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Proud, But.......

We just had recognition for Amelia, and she received certificates for Honor Roll and Citizenship. Yes, like I said we are proud, but is this necessary? The school system here has award ceremonies at the end of every school year and EVERY student gets a certificate for something!!!

By the time they get to graduation, my kids could care less about the Pomp and Circumstance!!!! My 2 oldest sons didn't want to go to these proceedings by the time 8th grade hit, and I practically had to bribe them to go graduation!

So, my question is this, should the school do away with these award programs and make the kids wait until graduation?? Therefore graduation would be special. Or, should we keep going like we are and kids keep receiving certificates for being good citizens, which I think should be NORMAL!!!!

Don't get me wrong, Kevin and I are very proud of our children. Amelia has worked VERY hard this school year. But we are wondering, are the schools promoting mediocrity?

Just food for thought! What do you think?


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vgsmom said...

I wonder that every year. We have awards tomorrow night and we will go and go through the motions. Now I will have to say students do get invitations to this event. So if you don't an invitation then no award. So in our case it ends up being the same kids competing for the awards every year. Jenna sure doesn't really care.

P.S. no warming drawer...believe it or not someone brought that double oven to the thift store. They were remodeling too and I got it for $300. It's 1999 but that 20 years newer than what i took out.