Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trying to Be a Good Wife!

My Monday....
After taking the kids to school, Kevin comes in from 24 hours in a very busy ER and no surprise says, no sleep. Unfortunately, the schedule had to be that he has to do a 12 hour night shift, so to bed he goes. By the way, his car is out of gas, he has to leave town by 5:45 in the evening, it is 8:30AM, good night!!!

I take the cell and the car keys. The local water company is suppose to come and put salt in the water softener, I thought 9am, but when I look at my calendar it is 1pm! My memory! So, I start some more laundry, clean the guest bath, guest bedroom, vacuum the far side of the house and realize I don't have chicken in the freezer.

Trying to be a good wife, I figure I'll gas up Kev's car for him. I'll take his phone so it doesn't wake him. i head out. It is 90*, blowing 50mph, and humid for us. I crack the sunroof.

Uh, oh, it doesn't want to close. Back and forth 3" it goes, the roof won't close! Crap, Kev cleaned the car last week, the inside is spotless, with the wind blowing the car will be full of dust in no time!

While the gas chings away, yes that's a word, I call the car dealer. I have the number memorized! My dealer is named Kevin, not to confuse you. Kevin, this is Carrie, my hubby's sunroof won't close. He just came off 24, he's sleeping, I'm gassing the car, he's leaving tonight, and I'm expecting workers at the house in an hour!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!

Are you near the dealership? Yes, bring the car to me now. 5 minutes later. I have 3 men in a Honda accord trying to get a sunroof closed!!

GASP, my Kev's cell phone is NOT on my hip. It must be in the car, fallen out when I got gas. Men, call the phone. 3 men in car, looking and listening for a phone! NO ma'am, no phone in this car!!

Kevin from dealership, we can't fix sunroof, leave the car, I'll get you a loaner, you go home and don't worry about the car.

Now, where is the phone?? Back to the gas station. Anyone turn in a phone? NO? Did you call it? Me, YES!! Put some gas in loaner car so hubby can drive tonight! Drive back to the house, my phone starts to ring, it is Kev's phone calling!

Hello, we found this phone in an alley? It belongs to Kevin? Yes, that is my husband, I've been retracing my steps, it fell off my hip! We are at DQ. Great, I'll be there in 5 minutes!

Sometimes it doesn't pay to get out of bed!

How was your Monday?


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McMGrad89 said...

I've had days like that.