Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Close!

26 Days and counting!! The cruise is ever near, my lists are growing, packing is beginning and I'm very excited!

The house sitter is arranged, now to get through the next 2 wks!

So forgive me if I'm absent, I have to get through the end of school activities, get healthy, get my house in order, and make sure everything is ready!



miruspeg said...

Not long now Carrie!
Sending my love and light that all will be in order in 26 days!
Peggy xxx

McMGrad89 said...

Happy Anniversary a little early. I just know figured out you were going on a cruise. How exciting. You will be going a few weeks before Peggy and I go to Norway. (From one extreme to another.) Looking forward to seeing the pics from your trip.