Sunday, May 2, 2010


How can a simple job of repairing the glass in the door turn into the following? Answer: Because it is my house, that's why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sun room, game room, bar, whatever you want to call it! 6 months ago, when the ceiling was being repaired, there is the wall with the door, and the black out curtains on the 2 windows. (sometimes I don't always get 'before' pics)

Moisture has been building between the panes of glass, Kevin decided he would fix the glass before it got worse and also before it fell out from the kids slamming the door. The other problem, the house is 25 yrs old, and settling. When we have our monsoon season, water would leak in under the door and windows.

So, what is so hard about replacing some glass you ask? As we have learned over the last 16 years, Nothing on this house is standard! A builder built this house for himself. Everything was custom! The door was NOT standard sized, the glass was NOT standard sized. Kev's 'simple' day off job was turning into a major project. Can anyone say C-o-n-t-r-a-c-t-o-r!

Now that is a BIG hole!! I guess having a wall missing isn't that bad, but this W TX and the Wind Blows. Well this afternoon the wind decided to start blowing, and I mean really blow ~ 50mph with gusts at 69mph! I bet you can guess where this is going.... this big hole in the house, 5 hours, windy, = DUST CITY! Ah, why had I bothered to clean on Monday for my son coming??

A new wall had to be built and a frame made because the new door is only a door and one window!

Hey hey, the door is in, no more hole! Progress is being made!

A temporary paint booth was created so they could spray the door, it is fiber glass and didn't want to brush it! The cats were enthralled with all this plastic!

The final product! My new door, the vertical blinds back up, I can hide the door when I want or open them for light for the kitties! And now, I have more wall to hang stuff on. Hmm, guess I'll have to start filling frames, or maybe a run to Hobby Lobby??

Maybe I should concentrate on dusting first. I'm afraid I'll be finding dust in this house for eons! Wish me luck!


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