Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Now, being December you probably think this blog is going to be about Santa. WRONG!!!! I just love mis-leading you my friends! Well, kind of! :-)

Most of my loyal readers know that I absolutely LOVE Mr. Neil Diamond's music. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famefinally nominated him for induction into it! It's about time!! Neil Diamond is one of our most treasured, talented, and deserving singer song writers ever! He has had hits over the last 5 decades! I bet everyone can sing 'Sweet Caroline' when it comes on the radio without thinking about it!

So, a bunch of us fans are trying to raise awareness for the RRHOF and let them know how much Mr. Neil Diamond deserves to be in there. Personally I think it is an atrocity that he hasn't been inducted previously.

Please go to to Neil and vote! It would be awesome to support him!

Are you a Believer??

Forever in Blue Jeans,


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George K said...

I voted number 6224