Sunday, March 27, 2011

Animal Kingdom Lodge View

On our recent trip to WDW we had what I consider an excellent view. For being non prime view I was thrilled! Just look at what I had to wake up to every morning and to cook dinner by in the evenings :-)


Is there any chow on this truck?

I just love the giraffes! They are so majestic! They look like they feel like velvet.

If you like animal pictures, check out Camera Critters.



miruspeg said...

What a fantastic view of all those delighful animals.
It must have been a wonderful holiday Carrie.
I love giraffes too, they are so graceful and like you said majestic.
Peggy xxxx

Cozyflier said...

Peggy, it was a great holiday! And yes, the giraffes are graceful. I found myself captivated by them! I was enthralled and just wanted to stay on the balcony and watch all of these animals. Somehow, racing to the parks didn't seem so important!!

Hugs back to you,