Friday, March 4, 2011

In A Galaxy Not So Far Away....

Last year my dear friend Sherri e-mailed me a page to this company I'd never heard of. But, they had the coolest Star Wars cookie cutters so I ordered them, and from then on I've become a fan of Williams Sonoma! AJ now has Star Wars pancake molds, 8 different cookie cutters, and a Darth Vader spatula which I'm allowed to use!! But the other cool thing I found for my young Jedi was these cupcake kits, see below.
Here's the link to Williams Sonoma. (not a paid blog)

The kits from Williams Sonoma

If you read Yesterday's post then you know it was AJ's birthday. This is what I did during the day while he was at school! I made Galactic and Rebel cupcakes! Aren't I good Mom?!?

The Rebel Alliance

The Galactic Empire

Luke, use the Force!

And this was his reaction when he came in from school! I just love that smile!! He was a happy boy!

He gets to go to Disney for Spring Break so he asked me to wait and buy Lego sets for his B-day in Florida! Better selection at the Lego store!! So presents are delayed at his request! He knows he'll get Legos, just not sure which Star Wars sets he'll pick out. Hoping for some of the new ones!!

He picked Logan's for his birthday dinner, I was surprised by this. OTB was his 2nd choice! It runs in the family, what can I say! Have a great weekend everyone.


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