Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday AJ!!

In my mind it was yesterday, he was being born, all 7lbs 1 oz of him that I literally laughed into this world at 11am and the nurse had to deliver. So much for a trial push! The Dr. should have known better on my fourth child!

Anyway, today, AJ, my baby is no longer a baby! AJ is 12, how that happened I will never know! I've been going through pictures this week and have selected a few that represent him and his personality!

Happy Birthday AJ, let me tell you why I love you so much....

5 months old and you handled Walt Disney World like a trooper!  You loved the characters, and they loved you!  You've never been afraid of the characters,  probably because you are one yourself!

You always have that smile on your face, I love that about you. Your teachers even comment to me about your dashing smile! You are always smiling!

You love your animals, whether it is your dog or your cat, you have a special place in your heart for your animals.

Your are such a good student! You are very smart, always trying your hardest, willing to help others, you have been Student of the Month once at the elementary that did that, and now in middle school! Also, you show school spirit, you support your school in any way you can, just look below!

Your sense of humor never ceases to amaze me! A skier holding a snowboard! Priceless! You love to joke, and are always quick on your feet with a snappy comeback!

You have my love for dressing up for Halloween, or any other occasion! You love the holidays as much as I do. Costumes are a blast and you put all your effort into the effect to make everyone else happy! Lets dress up and make some people smile!

Always believe in the spirit of Christmas!

You are a high rolling dude!

And as you have grown, the characters still love you!

You get along well with your cousins and let them pose you in pictures! Such a great guy!

You are a good sport!  Talented in learning to play a sport or being nice to others, you are a good sport all the way around.  And a monkey when it comes to having fun!

So AJ, We love you very much and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and yes, May the Force Be With You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Mom & Dad and the rest of the family



McMGrad89 said...

Happy birthday, AJ. I have to agree with your mom. Your smile is amazing.

Mrs. Victory

Cozyflier said...

Thanks Annemarie!

Stefunkc said...

Happy happy birthday AJ!