Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Spring Break, first time I have been to WDW in the Spring and been able to see the Flower and Garden Festival! It is pretty amazing to see what they make for this! Thought I would share! I was not going for world class photos, just quick shots as we walked by, fighting crowds! :-) :-)

AJ really liked this one!

Hmm, I think Bambi's face could be better!

Everyone loves Lightening McQueen!

I had to fight a line of kids standing in line for Snow White just to grab a shot of Doc!

I love her ears!

Have you ever seen the flower and garden festival? I liked it! Surprisingly, my sons did too!


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Jeanette said...

My daughter and I visited Disney World for Spring Break in 2007 and it was during the Flower & Garden Festival. It was so amazing what they do with flowers and greenery. We loved it. It was such a great trip, just my daughter and myself, five days and four nights in Disney World. I wouldn't trade the time we shared for anything in the world.