Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Takes a Lickin and Keeps On Clickin!

Friday March 25th 2:30 pm, trying to leave the hospital after Amelia's knee surgery. I hand the camera to Kevin so he can get pictures of Amelia in the wheel chair being wheeled out, while I go get the van. The circle drive is a nightmare, 3 cars are PARKED in a no parking zone, and 2 big vans are there ~ home health, I finally get fairly close to the door and the volunteer wheels Amelia out to the van. The back seat is still moved over to the center. Amelia couldn't manage getting in on the passenger side. Kevin had his hands full with her crutches, paperwork, and my camera!

Apparently Kevin set my camera on the roof of the van, because of the way the cars were parked in this circle drive, the volunteer had trouble getting Amelia around to the drivers side of the car. It was mass chaos! It took a good 15 minutes to get her into the car!

I drove a 1/4 of a mile away from the hospital, and it wasn't until I turned onto the access road for the hi-way and started my acceleration that the camera slid off the roof. Kevin and I thought I hit something in the road. Amelia immediately knew that the camera had fallen off the roof of the van. Kevin said, no way, the camera wouldn't be up there. I'm in the thick of traffic, looking how to pull over and not cause a wreck, as I'm about 100' from entering the expressway! I pull over to the median, Kevin is hollering to me to pull over and jump the curb on the right so he can run down the sidewalk and go retrieve the camera. I'm waiting on traffic to clear!

Kevin goes and gets the Kodak Easy Share Z712 IS camera. He and I expect to find hundreds of pieces. When he found the camera, cars were coming down the lane, he started waving to a big pick up, and the P/Up swerved, and hit the camera and sent it sailing 20' down the lane.  He comes back to the car, with a scratched up camera, and the battery I bought at WDW (forgot my charger). Battery toast! The memory cards in the little plastic case holder on the strap are fine! But I ask where the memory card is that was IN the camera?!!! So, we found a side street to drive down because it had been a 1/2 mile walk /jog for Kev.  I got down a cul de sac and it was a shorter walk. We recovered part of the memory card, but so far no luck in recovering ALL the surgery pictures, well, pics from that day, nor the edible art day pics ~ step by step pics of the food we made! Here are pics of the camera taken on my phone!

Not pretty, but it works!

Scratched up corner

Cell phone doesn't focus, trying to show scratches!

Lens cap did its job, protected the lens!

The battery did not survive!

But, the amazing story here, is that the Kodak camera was not is a Zillion pices, and it STILL works!! Kodak makes one heck of a camera! I get to get a new camera :-) and I'm ordering a Kodak, sorry, Canon doesn't shoot video, loved my EOS film camera, but my digital camera has to shoot video. And I've had 3 Kodak Easy Shares and after going through this, I'm showing my loyalty to Kodak by replacing my scratched up camera with another Kodak!

So, if you are looking for a durable camera in today's disposable society, go look at www.Kodak.com Note, this is NOT a paid blog!


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Anonymous said...

Although I don't blame you for your loyalty to Kodak, I LOVE my Canon XS110is and it shoots great video! It also has a VERY GOOD zoom lens!