Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day ~

I would like to thank everyone who has or is serving in the Armed forces. I considered the military, but didn't choose it. But my family has a long line of military service.

I'm thankful for my Dad, Stephen Martin Skvarenina and brother Julius; Dad-in-law, Hal Funk; Extended family Glen Maycroft and his brothers, they all served in WW II.

My Brother Tim Skvarenina and brother-in-law Gary Maycroft who served in Viet Nam, and Tim taught the soldiers how to use the Patriot Missle the first Gulf War.

Kevin's brother Stan was in the Coast Guard and sailed on the Eagle. Our nephew Brent Welch is in the Marines. Kevin's Uncle Don was in the Marines.

More exteded family has/is served/serving, Julie Maycroft.

MANY friends are currently serving ~ Terry Winnett, Erica Comer, Mackenizie Oliver. I'm sure that there are more and I'm forgetting someone, SORRY! I'm just trying to make a point that everyone has a connection with our military and we better not forget this.

It is because of these people that we are allowed to go out and have a picnic today, a day off, go to an amusement park, be with family. We are remembering those who lost their lives, but also those who continue to serve and fight for our freedoms.

God Bless this Country


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