Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The American Adventure

When I was a kid I remember road trips! Going cross country and driving to a destination. Seeing this country for what it was. Now a days everyone seems to jump in a commercial airplane and get there.

Well not with the price of airline tickets! So, our adventure began with 8 of us, 2 cars, OK OK 1 van and 1 car, a cargo carrier and we were off to Walt Disney World.

This is Donna, the other Mom that went with me! Her son, Conrad also went along.

Zach and Tyler. Both turned 21 this year. They have been friends since high school. Zach and his sister Ashley moved in across the street about 7 years ago and have been great friends to the kids.

Conrad and AJ, the 12 year old boys! and in the far back, Ashley under cover, and Amelia! They all ended up switching places more times than I can count! But this is just one pic!

The inevitable PIT Stop!!! Let me tell you, with 8 people pit stops are NOT fast!!!
Oh, and filling up 2 cars across the country, my Credit Card company called me to make sure my card hadn't been stolen! I forgot to call them and tell them I would be traveling. I guess gas and 3 hotel rooms red flags the account!!
Texas is BIG,  it takes 9 hours to get from where we live to the state line!  Add stopping at Braums in Dallas for Dinner and it was Dark thirty before we got to Louisiana!

Ashley was still asleep! Amelia and AJ are always up for a picture!

Conrad joined in on the fun!

Yea! We finally made it out of Texas!!! Of course the big boys said NO! NO pictures at state signs. I didn't push it!

This is how AJ was sleeping! However he found out I was taking a picture and smile went on!

We had left Lubbock at 12:30, just after noon. By about 1:30 AM the drivers were getting tired. Not sleepy, but tired of being in the car, sitting. So, we pulled off in Opelousa, LA and I found 3 rooms in a hotel. Since it was soooo late I got a discount :-) We all napped until 7:30 am and hit the road with full tummies.

I also wanted the newbies who had not made this trip to see the Mississippi River in the dayligt, the Mobile Tunnel, Mobile Bay, Pensacola Bay and such during the day. Oh, and the USS Alabama. The sights were too good to go through at night.

Mississippi Bridge. Note, I'm driving, Donna is taking pictures for me!

Downtown Mobile, AL

Entering the tunnel. So cool! Makes me think of the movie 'Daylight"! Just not a long enough tunnel!

In the tunnel!

Everyone thought the tunnel was really cool! Then we came out and there was the USS Alabama, WOW! And the bay is beautiful. Since Lubbock hadn't seen any rain since last October when we left, seeing all that water was a magnificent sight! Such beauty.

Well, picture upload is giving me a hassle. So, I will end this blog and continue trip details with another blog. There will be many blogs about this trip adventure! We spent a week at WDW and then made a mad dash home driving straight through because we had to get home for open house for school!

Did you ever take a great road adventure? Aren't they great? I think they are. The kids learn a lot :-)

More to come,

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