Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Our first morning in the parks we decided to go to EPCOT. We figured we could do the big rides, tour the World Showcase, do shopping, then go back to the condo rest, swim and do Magic Kingdom for E night!

We were celebrating Conrad's 12th B-day and first visit to WDW. We entered the park and headed for Soaring. Several people in the group had never ridden this ride. I'll let pictures tell most of the stories.

Zach above and Donna below enter EPCOT! I know I'm weird, but waiting in line and going through turnstyles is part of the vacation experience!

Leaving the LAND where Soarin the ride is. Everyone really enjoyed this IMAX ride.

Signing up for TEAM Possible

Kids can do Kim Possible missions all through world showcase.

We are from West Texas, it is DRY. The humidity in Orlando almost killed us! We took every opportunity to cool off! And the humidity and my HAIR, oh don't get me started with naturally curly hair, it wouldn't do a thing! I look horrible in every picture!

After you ride Spaceship Earth they have all kinds of Eco information. Have you ever played Power City? This is a neat game. Try to slide the energy balls and power the cities to keep them running.

World Showcase finally opened, and we made our way around the world. Here in America, we watched the American Revolution play. We also grabbed a small lunch, I wanted fried ice cream and funnel cake!!!

Japan, the drummers were out! They are amazing. The scenery is pretty too.

LOVE it!

We made it to France! Amelia was excited since she had been to Europe over Spring Break! I love Disney Trips because when we go with different people I always see new and different things. I went into stores I'd never been in before!

Here we are in London!!

Below, we found the HGTV area that Ahmed built with a family. Yes, Amelia and I watch a lot of HGTV and DIY!

Snow White just loved my Mickey hair ribbon that I ordered from Fliparoos! Snow White then asked what Kingdom we were from!

This was a great trip because I saw characters that I normally don't see! Donna wanted to see characters and most of the lines were really short :-)
Belle wanted to know if we had libraries we we came from!

Of course the big boys split off from us after we ate. The cool thing though is in America, at one little stand they had 10 trivia questions. Zach, Tyler, and myself polished off the 10 trivia questions on American History in less than 5 minutes! come on, who was the first one to sign the Declaration of Independence? Really? And another example, the 4 presidents on Mt. Rushmore! Apparently we impressed the castmember! We got stickers :-)

As you can tell from the pictures, Donna, Amelia, and I finished our walk around the world. The rest of the gang took a ferry across lake and headed back to the condo. You can tell which pictures were taken in the morning and which pictures were taken in the afternoon. We all met up at MouseGears, my favorite store in EPCOT. All the boys left and got the bus. While the 4 girls shopped for about an hour! Then we headed home!

Magic Kingdom E night is coming up!! Are you on the edge of your seats? Hours for E-Night 12-3 AM!


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Sounds like FUN at WDW! Wish I could be there.