Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ReBath your Bathroom!

Note, this is not a paid advertisement!

We have lived in our home 19 years, it is 25 years old. Not ancient, but things do need to be repaired. I dream of remodeling the kitchen someday, but that is another post! Today's post is about bathrooms. We decided it was time, actually way past time to do so up keep on the old homestead. the guest bath is still down the road a bit, but we did the kids tub/shower. Amelia and AJ have a Pullman bath or a Jack & Jill bath.

The tub got a new liner, all the tile came out, the plumbing was replaced, and shower doors were replaced, and all the fixtures were replaced! The great part, their bathroom only took 2 days! WOW! Demo and done! I was amazed. My master shower took 3 days because of all the angles!!

So, do you want to see pictures? Oh, come on, you didn't think you'd get by without em did you? Not on my blog!! John, the contractor was like, you in here taking pictures again?!?

I did before and after, so here it goes!

Before, old brass doors, tile in the kids shower.


The tub liner! 

Some sheet rock had to be taken out.  New water resistant sheet rock was put in that had a water membrane in it.

Old pipes!

Going to raise the height of the shower head!

Glue for new tub.

The new tub!

New sheet rock.

The walls go up!

New pipes!

New Doors!

New soap dish, shower head.

New towel rod!

Now for My Bathroom by Rebath.......

Our shower door gave out quite awhile ago.  Shower curtains are great fixes! The old door rubbed in the end.


Dust and debris!

Raising the ceiling.

Putting in new pipes

Spouts for jets and water resistant sheet rock.

Where the faucet will be.

Jets will go there on this wall too!

The walls go up!

Gizmo checks out the new door!  I love the Rain shower head.  And the jets are awesome!

Gizmo is thinking about a shower!

We can have just rain, just jets, or a combination!  I'm in heaven!!!!

Should I turn on the water?!?!?

I was nice, I didn't!

The soap dish tower is awesome!

All this was done last week, with my Mom in the hospital, my brother and his wife in town, and my sister and her husband in town. To say that life was CRAZY is an understatement!!! Today, all 5 sinks are getting new faucets in brushed nickel. And in a few months hopefully I will be showing you a new guest bathroom.

We are really impressed by Rebath. The work is guaranteed for life and they are quick and clean workers. If you are thinking about having your bathroom done, give them a call, hey mention my name, Carrie Funk, who knows, maybe I'll get a towel rod or something! :-) Everyone in the family wants to use my shower now because I had the jets put in! But, if they use it they have to squeegee! Tell me what you think, I love them, would love to hear what you think!



Stefunkc said...

Looks good!

Cathy Flory said...

Cari, love it. We are trying to finish the kitchen so we can start working on one of the bathrooms. The wall around the faucet is caving in. So, we have stopped using it until the remodel is done around the shower. It's great to know Re-bath is good to use, just in case we decide to go that way.

montanna said...

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Rachael with Re-Bath said...

We saw your update as we monitor the social space to better serve our valuable customers. Thank you for choosing Re-Bath for your bathroom remodel and thanks for sharing your story with your readers. The finished work looks great!
Thanks again, Rachael on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office