Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arriving Florida - DownTown Disney

Day 2 continues....
If you read this we left off in Mobile Bay. Next up will be Pensacola Bay.

The Florida welcome center had cool star wars posters and Harry Potter posters. Pictures were in order!

I remember when hurricane Andrew took out this bridge. Wow, was the road construction on this a bear to get through! I'm sure glad this is built and finished :-)

Texas and Florida are BIG states!! We finally made it to Gainsville by 10:30pm. Loosing that hour didn't help. The kids wanted to swim but it was late. Guess we shouldn't have stopped at the outlet mall in Gulfport, MS!! But I must say, we only stopped for 1 hour :-))

I planned ahead of time to stop in Gainsville. Rooms were already reserved. See, Gainsville is only 2 1/2 hours from WDW! Makes a great place to spend the night and have fresh start so you have an entire day for Downtown Disney.

A hidden Mickey while driving on I-75 is always a good sign, right?!?

And this, this lets me know that I'm officially home at WDW :-) I love being a DVC member!

WE got checked in at 10am and we knew the condo would not be ready. That was fine. We had a full day planned at Downtown Disney. We rode the ferry from Old Key West over to DTD. Rain Forrest Cafe is our tradition, they have good food and the atmosphere is fun. Then We explore shops, the Pin Traders, World of Disney, and AJ's favorite, LEGGO Store!!! Goofy's Candy Co., the Scrapbook Store, and Christmas Store, plus the water fountains. Believe it or not, Downtown Disney was empty. I've never seen it so empty. It was awesome!

Ashley, Amelia, & AJ
Conrad, Zach, and Tyler

Donna and Carrie!

Here are some of the store pictures:

This is soooooo me! I have many many many completed scrapbooks!!

Anytime I see something with Doc, I have to take a picture! Just comes with the territory! Do you know how hard it is to find things with Doc? I usually have to custom make T's. Doc is really under represented! 

AJ liked the sign in the Goofy Candy Co. I'll show you why!

AJ has PI memorized out to about 25 decimals! AJ is all about Star Wars, Leggos, and PI !!

The new Leggo store was truly amazing. So big, so much to see, computer building stations, play stations outside, and the new displays ~ awesome! AJ had saved up his allowance most of the year. I was so wrapped up in seeing everything in the store, I forgot to take a picture of him checking out! The one picture shows him with his bag, but below is a picture of all the boxes of the sets he bought with his own money!

And he ventured away from Star Wars! Only 1 SW set this time! I have more pictures of DT Disney and Pleasure Island, but I think you get the gist, that we had a great time. The older kids all split off, and did Disney Quest so I don't have pictures of them. I'll close with a ferry picture!

Next, The Condo!!


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Anonymous said...

Love it Carrie! We were there about 2 weeks before you. We were there on our 12th anniversary (can you believe it's been 12 years?). We took pictures of us with the kiddios at the wedding pavillion - pretty special! Glad you had fun! Heather