Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Day in the Magic Kingdom!

What ride do you ride first in the Magic Kingdom? We usually end up at Space Mt! Or we go and get Fast Passes for it then ride Buzz or TTA. Either way, we usually end up in Tomorrow Land first. What about you? I know several people that say Adventure Land first! Not my family! Anyway, we always have a great time in the MK! Here are some of the daytime pictures :-)

 First thing in the morning, outside the train station.  So beautiful!

 The master of ceremonies, opening of the Magic Kingdom.  Have you ever seen the opening show? It is fun!

 Here is the train, bringing all the characters into view!

 And here is Mickey!

 A countdown, and Boom, the MK is officially open!

 While Tyler and Zach went to get Fast Passes for Space Mt., we ducked in to See Mickey & Minnie at their new location. 

 Carrie, Amelia, and AJ

 Conrad and Donna


 The group of us!

 I believe for the 40th birthday celebration, MK has the Move It Shake It mini parade.  This was a lot of fun, the birthday floats come down Mainstreet, circle the castle and then the characters get off and dance with the guests!  Reminds me of Block Party Bash at HWS a few years back!

 Here you can see my awesome hair ribbon I got from!
 Yes, I got to dance with Mr. Incredible!  AJ and Conrad were to shy to come dance!

 The funny thing through out this trip, even though we split up our group, we kept running into each other!  Here, we are getting onto TTA, as Tyler and Zach are getting off!

 We couldn't resist!  Since our T's show Goofy trying to eat a Mickey ice cream, we just had to do it!!!!

 And yes, Conrad's piece did go SPLAT! Although AJ didn't get that picture!

 Here are some of the Photopass photos with Mickey and Minnie!
 They really liked my skirt!

 When you purchase the photo CD, they throw on extra photos of the Characters!  I love this!

I did learn that if you pre-purchase the photo CD at the park before you leave you get an extra CD of 500 stock photos, and then you edit your photos online when you get home. That is how I got to put borders and signatures on the photos. Then you order your CD and they ship it to you. I always plan to buy the CD, so I go around the parks, looking for the photo pass photographers! We had 130 photos when we were done with our trip! The castmember in the photo shop was most impressed!

Hope you like our day in the MK! Tell me about yours.


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