Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Magic Kingdom, E Night!!

The Magic Kingdom is probably my favorite park, it is a tie with Hollywood Studios! I know, everyone loves MK. I rate the parks: MK, HWS, AK, then EPCOT!!! Now, do you know what E night is? "E" night is Extra Magic Hours for guests staying on sight, staying in a Disney Hotel. This is a definite advantage. Some mornings parks will open 1 hour early, and some nights parks will stay open 2-3 hours longer! This means wait times are shorter for the rides, the park is not as full, and at night, the sun is NOT beating down on you! So, in the summer, when the MK normally closes at midnight, "E" night got us an additional 3 hours. Yes, we got to stay in the park until 3 AM if we wanted to!!

How would one do this you ask? Well, quite simply a nap during the heat of the day is just about a requirement. After going to EPCOT during the morning and afternoon, everyone headed back to the condo and rested. The boys might have taken in a short swim, not sure, then everyone crashed! Dinner was sandwiches and chips and by 7pm we were on the bus to the MK. Tonight's agenda, was FUN! Ride rides, let the group see WISHES and get a feel for the park. This was just our 1st day at the MK we had a week to cover the parks!

Here are pics of the fun:

Tomorrow Land Transit Authority, I remember when it was Webway people mover!

Remember when we use to talk to each other when we stood in line?!?

Zach loves Buzz!

 Ready to ride space mountain!

 Donna was so excited that she got to ride the teacups!

Fantasyland is expanding, Toontown is gone :-(

Ashley loves penguins!

I rode Aladdin backwards the entire time so I could take pictures!  Hope you all appreciate my endeavors!
 2:45 AM  Main St USA is getting empty!
 Wishes, out of order, but oh well!

I know I have been to the WDW many times, I think 14 now! But what I love about it is that every time I go I see something different, or I see the park through the eyes of someone else! Hope you like MK at night as much as I do.



McMGrad89 said...

I haven't been to MK since they used E-Tickets. Don't know when I will get to go back. Looks like you had a good time. I was wondering how you got the pictures of the kids on the actual ride.

Cozyflier said...

Annemarie, I'm dedicated to getting pictures of the kids on the rides!

WDW has changed a lot, it keeps changing!

My big news is that I get to attend Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2 days before my B-day!! I'm so excited!


Jeanette said...

I love your pictures. They are really great. Disney World is so Awesome!! We are planing a two week trip there in the summer of 2012. We are all excited! My sister and her husband are Vacation Club Members and we will be going with them on our trip. I am already looking forward to it!!