Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blizzrd Beach!

When we purchase tickets, I buy at, I buy park hopper tickets and water park and more tickets. I discovered on this past August trip that the Water Park and more option gives you both water parks and Disney Quest! I also discovered by calling, that if you have a 5 day pass, you get 5 bonus options. Now, just in case you are trying to decide where to buy tickets, this is NOT a paid plug, I do lots of research on ticket prices, and at the above web site, we bought 3 day tickets, got the 4th and 5th day free, then added park hopper option, and water park option.
The kids love Disney Quest, and I wish the weather had cooperated with us, we would have loved to have hopped over to Typhoon Lagoon one afternoon. Oh well, live and learn!

So, I will share some of the pics from Blizzard Beach. This is a water park themed to look like a blizzard came through. It has ski lifts, and polar caps everywhere! We went late in the morning, we had stayed at the MK until 3am. We only had a few hours at Blizzard Beach because a big thunderstorm came in. But what time we were there we had fun!

 Here we are!  Tyler and Zach had gone ahead of us, and when we got there we met up at the lockers!

 The wave pool.

 Tyler, Ashley, and Amelia play in the waves.

 The lazy river!  This is my favorite!  There is Donna.

 Amelia and AJ!


 Ashley's back, AJ, Tyler, Zach almost underwater.

 AJ and Zach.

 Ashley :-)



 This is the normal picture of my son Tyler.  I can't tell you how many pictures I have like this!

 Photopass photos:

 Donna and Carrie

 Donna, Conrad, Carrie

 Carrie, AJ, Amelia

 Ashley, Carrie

If you haven't been to Blizzard Beach I highly recommend it. We didn't get to do nearly what we wanted to, but we still had fun. Looking forward to next time.



miruspeg said...

Hello my friend!
Your photos certainly relay what a fabulous holiday you and your family had.
I put it down to your organisational skills. Also all the research certainly paid off.
Thanks for sharing your delightful photos.
Peggy xxxxx

McMGrad89 said...

Looks like a great park!

I am all about the preplanning and research. Thanks for the heads up. I will file it away.

Cozyflier said...

Thanks friends! We all had a great time and it is fun to relive the trip by blogging.

I try to stay organized when it comes to my Disney trips, it is a must, especially when you have a large group!