Friday, April 13, 2012

AJ's Room

AJ took over Chris and Tyler's room. it use to be themed airplanes, no surprise there! But now that he has grown up he wanted a change. So over the last 2 years, yes I'm a slow poke, we've been working toward a Star Wars theme.

When the roof got damaged and his ceiling was damaged, that is when his room was painted. He chose blue and silver. I found Clone Wars sheets, and bought an extra package to make curtains. I've had his desk in the garage for eons, I've started stripping it so we can refinish it and the old desk chair. Maybe this summer! Recently though, Dad installed shelves in his room to hold his Lego sets! AJ is a Lego fanatic when it comes to Star Wars! The store didn't have as many shelf brackets as I wanted, so we didn't get as many shelves as we quite needed, but what we did put up really helped.

Then, we put up the Fathead wall clings we had purchased for Christmas! WOW! The wall clings are really cool! AJ loves them :-) AJ thinks we are like the coolest parents on earth.

I let him decide how to arrange the furniture even though I can't get under the bunk beds to get to the dressers. He is happy for now and that is what matters. So, here are some pictures of the still in progress Star Wars room!

Installing shelves
Gizmo thinks the new shelves are for her!  Silly cat!

The Millennium Falcon looks awesome!  This Fathead is over 3' long!!

The Death Star, this one was hard to put up, it was so big, and little space to work!

Master Yoda has been up for quite some time! 
Here is one of the kites hanging, we still have more work to do but it is coming along!

May the Force Be With You!


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