Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spit & Polish!

So what do you do when you get a 'new' car? Well according to Doc you are suppose to polish it! Wanting to show Amelia how to be a responsible car owner Dad spent Saturday, his only time off, of Easter Weekend showing Amelia how to use polishing compound and Black Magic to make her 9 yr old car shine! Dad and daughter worked many hours, and when big brother Chris happened by the house, oh my Amelia was really thrilled when he decided to lend helping hands! I still can't believe what Doc can do on only 3 hours of sleep!

Bonus for me, I had bought a kit and my yucky head lights look like new! Thanks sweetie, and Chris!! Chris doesn't want to have an internet foot print, but oh well, I'm going to put a couple pics of him and just not tag him!! A Mom has to do what a Mom has to do!

Kev works on head lights of my van :-)

The brake light of the Stang looks a LOT better!

 Ashley and Elyssa held AJ hostage!!

Chris is not happy with me taking his picture!  Polishing compound on the hood..

Amelia puts Black Magic on the roof!

That door is really getting shiny Dad!

It was dusk when they finished, the finished picture really wasn't good. Also, since we are under stage 2 water restrictions, we had to use buckets and only used 2 gallons of water for the 2 vehicles!

Doc and Amelia also Armor Alled the inside of the car, the dealer ship didn't do a great job on it since it was used. With a lot of elbow grease this car is looking really grand!

The student driver is doing well and gaining confidence everyday!


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