Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lubbock Arts and Comic Book Festival 2012

Today we went to the Arts Festival which also includes the Comic Book and a costume contest! We saw lots of neat art work, and lots of pretty jewelry! But for us the cool part was the people in costumes! My oldest son Chris put on his Storm Trooper costume; Aj, my baby, put on his Jawa costume. Walking around the exhibits and having people want to take pictures is always a lot of fun.

At the last minute we decided to enter AJ into the costume contest. AJ wasn't so sure, but I convinced him. I'm glad I did, because there weren't many kids in his age bracket, and he wound up winning 1st place!! I'm so proud!!!

Here are some pictures:

AJ the Jawa!

As you can, many people dressed up, and Star Wars was well represented!  Amelia is being held prisoner!

Now, I'm being held!

AJ won a really cool toy for his prize, he's quite excited and having fun playing with it. It is a motorized Actuator expanding set. Not bad for someone who really wasn't sure about entering a contest!

So, how was your Saturday?


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