Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The Calendar says Spring, the birds and flowers say Spring, but the temperature says Summer! Mind you I'm not complaining as I greatly dislike cold weather! Its just unusual to see 80* and 90* temps in March and early April, this could indicate another hot Summer!

So, how was your Easter? Ours was lovely. Well, Doc had to work Sunday, so we did things on Saturday. The kids had a friend stay the night Friday, Elyssa, so I ended up with 9 folks for an impromptu meal, just 3 extras as my entire family happened to be home! We didn't get any photos of cooking, the table, or anyone at the table, my bad!

We had Hawaiian pulled pork, 3 vegies, and a mixed salad. I served the pulled pork on Hawaiian buns! I was going to make hot cross buns, but someone put the yeast under the crock pot and killed it, so the dough didn't rise! Oh well, we had pie and cookies.

Here are pics of the kids hunting eggs:

Checking out baskets

Let the hunt begin!
Elyssa is finding some!
Amelia is doing well!

AJ has a basketfull!
Yikes!  I just realized looking at this, they tore my sofa apart!!!

What did you get?   I don't know, what did you get?!!

Now that Easter is over it seems that I've been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug! I don't usually get this, but this year I have. Thank goodness! I keep forgetting to take before pictures, so I'm not taking after pictures!

I've been organizing drawers, you know the 'junk' drawers in the kitchen. WOW! is all I can say! Then yesterday I cleaned out my 'junk' drawer in my bathroom and put my makeup in it. The top of my vanity is so empty now! I had had my makeup in this neat Longaberger Basket, but it was so dusty. Now my make up is tidy :-) Hubby said, I didn't know that drawer had a bottom!!

I want to tackle my closet just have to get in the right mood. Of course I was ready to do it one day last week and Doc was recovering from 24 hrs in the ER! So goes my life!

Do you do Spring Cleaning? Do you do it by room? I've found helpful tips and suggestions on blogs and pinterest! Well, time to sign off and stop playing! Time to work, ugh! Happy Spring Cleaning to you.


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