Saturday, March 27, 2010


73!!! Can you believe, only 73 days Let me count the ways! ? Lets see, 73 is just over 2 months! How many more times can I use the number 73? Remember, this is our 25th anniversary cruise.

Seriously though, my first ever cruise, I'm soooooo excited, can you tell? Thursday was the day to book excursions. We are swimming with the dolphins. I have a love affair with dolphins (don't tell my husband!). I've managed to swim with them 2 times before and I'd do it a 1000 times more :) However, Tyler, Amelia, and AJ have never had the blessed experience. Kevin did in Mexico with me back in 2007. Only good memory of that trip!

Also, Kev, Amelia, and AJ are going to try SNUBA. Can you figure that one out? The kids are too young to be certified (at least here) for scuba, and Kev wants more than snorkeling. So SNUBA is the new thing! I'll send the water camera with them!

OK, one BUMMER ~ I'm in SHOCK ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I've been wanting to renew our wedding vows on the beach, Amelia and I in white sundresses, the boys in white shirts and shorts, all bare footed, nice and simple. Got the picture?

I talked to Disney, apparently to do this with them, you have to buy the complete package, photos, cakes, steam the dress, 50 guests, strawberries and champagne to the room, souvenir cake topper and cutter, and on and on it goes!!! The price tag for this you ask? $2,500!!!! Needless to say, we aren't doing it the Disney way!!

I'm going to go online, order the bride and groom ears, have them embroidered with our wedding date, and Kev has suggested that we write some vows and let the kids read them and do the photos! We can pick a spot on Castaway Cay that should work just fine! Amelia and I can wear our dresses over our swimsuits! Isn't Kevin lucky he married such a reasonable woman?!!!

So, 73 days and counting and much to do!!!


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vgsmom said...

I'm so excited for you. 25 years is a great milestone to spend with Mickey.