Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh Joy! (Land)

How do you keep kids busy during Spring Break? Well, I WON tickets to our local amusement park, courtesy of our awesome oldies radio station, 98 Kool!! Thanks, Landon. I won 4 free armbands which equaled admission for 4. Awesome! (my life became very hectic last week, more later, so Amelia, AJ, and friends went along with 2 of my cameras!) Here is the fun they had.

Amelia, AJ, and Amelia's 'boyfriend' Zane!

This has to be an 'arm' shot self photo, but I love this one!!

Zane coming down the river!

Zane and brother Bishop on the aerial tram ride. See, 2 cameras paid off, look below!

Amelia and AJ on the aerial tram!

I just love getting my cameras back after the kids have them. Getting a kids perspective on the world is interesting. This is what you see looking down from the tram! Pretty neat I thought!

Bishop and AJ on some of the kiddie rides! Even though AJ is 11 he can still have fun!

And this is Landon King, the 98 Kool radio host that I won the tickets from. I've been listening to Landon on the air for the 16 years that I've lived in Lubbock! Landon is almost part of the family. We make special trips just to go say hi and see him when he doing a special broadcast!

Some may think this is weird, but when you grow up with a Dad working for NBC News in Chicago, you get to know all the radio and news people! I've always known my local radio personalities!

So, Landon, THANK YOU for making SPRING BREAK special for the kids. They had a great time and are still talking about it. Just wish my life hadn't been so crazy and I could have par taken!


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