Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lending a Helping Paw!

Due to Kevin's work schedule, NO, I couldn't arrange it differently, we 'had' to celebrate AJ's birthday early! Gizmo was willing to help wrap! She got in the middle of things and had my ribbon everywhere!

When I left to pick up AJ at school the ribbon disappeared. It went all the way down the stairs (15) to my scrapbook room!! Gizmo must have had fun. The cat played while the mouse was away!!!



miruspeg said...

Gizmo is soooo typical of cats getting up to mischief while we are away. They just know instinctively how to have fun and at the same time press our buttons!
Happy birthday AJ hope it was a blast.
Peggy xxx

Oskar said...

How adorable. Our cats love to help wrap things too!