Sunday, May 29, 2011


Ashley Ann graduated yesterday! I'm so proud of her, she has worked very hard. You see, Ashley is our 'adopted' daughter. Everyone has one of those, right? She is our neighbor but I claim her as mine. She is the sister Amelia has never had, she tutors Amelia and is always ready to give me a helping hand. Here are some graduation pics. We haven't done official cap & gown pics yet, but here are the high lights from last night!

Earlier, we had given Ashley her graduation gift. What is more logical coming from me than a camera? And, I got the camera in her favorite color! How good am I?!? Well, in this picture, you can only see the green case, but just know, her camera is green like the case!

So congratulations to Ashley, and to several others in the class that I knew.

Congratulations to all who graduated this year. Many years of hard work were rewarded. Your life is ahead of your, your dreams, challenges, choices, anything you aspire can come true! It is your time to SOAR!


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miruspeg said...

Please tell Ashley congratulations from me Carrie. I remember meeting her when I visited Texas last year.

I used to be an 'adopted' daughter to my girlfriend's parents when I was 14. I loved that role. They were always very kind to me and me to them....same as Ashley.

I am sure Ashley will soar in whatever road she chooses to journey along!

Much love
Peggy xxxx