Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tolerance No More!

I lived in my home almost 19 years. When we moved in it was huge and there were things like wall paper that we didn't like, but figured we would tolerate until we decided to change it! Well, our family grew from 2 kids to 4 kids, and life always seemed to get in the way of changing the Dining Room. Have you ever had a project like that, just kept getting put on the back burner?

Well, no more! Kevin got 2 days in a row off, wow! 2 yrs ago I had bought paint for the dining room! Again, life got in the way. But, today, we plunged in and the dining room is finally getting painted, hip hip hooray!

Bye Bye ugly wallpaper:

Kevin puts up tape!

Kevin cuts in and I roll on the primer!

So, we finished the first coat of primer and we are letting it dry. We will do another coat of primer then start the paint. I'm so excited! After almost 20 yrs I won't have to tolerate the ugly dining room wallpaper! I'll keep you posted on our progress :-)

Wish us luck!


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