Monday, May 23, 2011


I care about our planet. I've always tried to recycle and teach my children to do so. When we moved here 19+ years, the city garbage trucks would come by once a week and pick up your recycling, if you put it in a blue plastic trash sack and put it on the ground next to the dumpster! That worked just fine and dandy :-)

Well, I guess it wasn't cost effective for the city because that only lasted a few years. Then, we had to drive about 25 miles to a recycling plant. That was a chore!


We load up the van to the brim and drive 2 miles to a grocery store parking lot!

And we find these lovely dumpsters!

Another view of how full the van was!

They are quite picky about how they want the items. I realize they are going to an automated place to be recycled. But sometimes it makes you ask, is it worth it?!?

So, this was one item crossed off my to do list! Do you recycle? Is it easy for you? Or is it just too much work where you are?

Happy Day


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