Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh What a Day

Wed was going to be a busy day, the carpet cleaners were scheduled to come, but when they finished in only 1 hour that left the day wide open!

Kevin was home for 8 hours between shifts in the ER and wanted to get errands run so we did several of those. I will have more on those later, spoilers!

Then, when Chris, our oldest got off work, he came over and we went to the grocery store. Wow, I can't tell you how many years it has been since I've been grocery shopping with Kevin, Chris, and Tyler all together! Amelia and AJ were still in school! This just doesn't happen! Chris bought what he needed for his house and I loaded up for the upcoming holiday weekend and family coming :-)

Upon arriving home, groceries were put away faster than I can blink. No, I don't know where they all are! Then we set to the task of cooking ~ homemade cinnamon rolls and chicken spaghetti! Also marinating chicken for chicken tacos. Let me just say I had the best smelling house in the world!

We used Pioneer Womans recipe for cinnamon rolls, 6 pans full! YUM-O First time to ever make 'em from scratch! Then a double batch of her chicken spaghetti, 3 pans of it! Oh my we will have good eating this weekend :-)

When Amelia got home she got put on dish duty!

Ashley, neighbor, adopted daughter, helper, and this time photographer!

I threatened to pat Chris on the face with my flour hands!

My chili pot is no longer just a chili pot!

We also made chicken fettuccine alfredo for dinner it was great!
So it was a full day for me. I even managed to get a few loads of laundry in!

I've probably made you hungry!  Oh well, other blogs that I read do that to me.  Have a great weekend, we are celebrating Ashley's graduation and family being in town.  It might be a few days before I post, don't know!



McMGrad89 said...

You don't say! Ashley is graduating? Well send my best. You could have least let Amelia put her shoulder bag down before dish duty.

Cozyflier said...

Annemarie, you are so funny! It was Amelia's choice to start dishes before putting her purse down. That purse lives on her :-)