Monday, May 9, 2011

UIL Competition

Sat. May 8th was a LONG day. Amelia, AJ, and myself had to be at another middle school at 7:30am. 7:30 in the A of M on a Saturday mind you!!! Remember, I'm NOT a morning person :-)

Why pratel you ask? Well, the kids had been working really hard for UIL A+ and Saturday was the competition. For those of you not familiar with UIL here is a link.

Amelia competed in: Ready Writing. She took 1st place!

AJ competed in 3 things:

Calculator Applications

Chess Puzzle

Maps, Graph, & Chatrts.

AJ took 2nd in Calculator applications, next to last in Chess, and we don't know about Maps.... We find out tomorrow. We didn't want to stay around for another 1.5 hours to find out! We were all exhausted and really wanted to go home. Call me a rotten Mom!

This has been a great experience for the kids. They have put in MANY hours staying after school school 2 days a week most of the school year. Our teacher, sponsor, Mrs. Quap works very diligently with the kids. In December we had a mock competition at our school so the kids could see what it would be like. Kevin and I helped with that.

I'm pretty sure other states do this competition, not just Texas. Do your kids participate in something like this?

I want to thank Mrs. Quap for all her long hours and dedication to the kids for this. Irons Middle School placed very well in the events that they competed in.

Kids were coming and going all day long. I took a couple of different pictures of some of the kids, and our wonderful principal and our assistant principal were there too.

David, Katie, AJ, Natalie, Amelia

Far Back, Mr. Casarez, Principal, Zane, AJ, Amelia, Natalie, Mariah, Hanah, Mason

Never got a picture with our asst. principal. Never got any formal structured pictures either! Oh well, the kids were scattered and hyper! It was a long, 'fun' day.

If you do UIL A+, how did you do?

Have a great week!


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McMGrad89 said...

Oh, great memories. I loved doing UIL dramatic interp solos and duets as well as spelling which I think the highest I ever got was 5th grade. I had a crush on a boy who did journalism and another who did spelling (both from other schools mind you.) Needless to say, I was not there to do well.