Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Day of School!

Yes, I know, I'm jumping back and forth - vacation, school, and everything else! Keeps you guessing though!

AJ decided last school year he wanted to change elementary schools and get to know the kids at the other one, so next year in middle school he would know most of the 6th graders!

The new elementary school is 'AWESOME' in his words! Amelia started middle school. She is liking it now that she is getting use to it!

I managed a few pictures the 1st day as any good scrap booking Mom would do! Enjoy- you don't have much choice, you are on my blog!


vgsmom said...

You're great-- I just dropped mine at the door and said call me after school when you get to gramdmas!

Anonymous said...

Look at the 2 girls seated in front of Amelia. One is stupid looking and the other is pissed off!