Friday, August 28, 2009

State Signs

Do other people do this? When you are traveling, do you stop by the side of the road or in some states, at the rest area, and get pictures by the State Sign?? Or am I the only CRAZY person in the world who seems to stop and take these kind of pictures?

I only ask because I never see anyone else on the side of the road!!!

Note, not in order, and due to weather, we had to do some as we left/entered the states!!!!!

Finally, out of Texas, Yippee!

And I thought TX was windy! We were racing a storm as we entered Nebraska. I videoed impressive lightening and Kev drove through some torrential rain. This picture was taken as the gust front was hitting. What a welcome, a mouthful of grit!!!

2nd pass through CO. And this was really just a pass, driving only for pit/gas stops! The far eastern part of the state isn't as pretty as the central and western part! However, the weather was much nicer than our initial entry into the state the previous week, again in torrential rain when I was driving!

Re-take!!! Had to give Nebraska a better photo than the night before!!!

And for my niece, Stephanie, T's for TX when we entered Oklahoma!!!! But, we did sing the first line of Oklahoma - a family tradition :)

Finally, back in our home state! Unfortunately, it was still 4 1/2 hours to home. Texas is BIG!

We never did get a South Dakota sign!

One view of our summer vacation!!



Sally's World said...

these photos are brilliant I take photos of landmarks, but if signs in the UK were like this, i'd take them too. xx

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

I have to say thank you for doing a retake of Nebraska..hehehe Love these fun!!!!

Stefunkc said...

I'd never done that until I travelled with you! And...HOW RUDE!! :c) Oklahoma rules. We have a cool song!

Denise said...

That's quite a vacation, loved all the photos. Road trips are my kind of fun.