Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paper Inundatition!!!!

Holy Cow! I day of school and my house looks like a homework maze. I spent 3 hours going through papers, signing forms, and helping Amelia and AJ set up notebooks! This is partly because I'm on PTA and 'in the know'!!!

AJ had an awesome first day of school at his new school for 5th grade, he loved it! Amelia survived middle school and it was good!!! I was briefed in detail by AJ and got about 5 words from Amelia. Sound familiar???

Well, welcome back to school everyone, back to schedules, homework, waiting in lines, and Waiting on our Kids!

Have a great first week of school, or 2nd week for some of you, and keep the faith.



~Thought's By Dena~ said...

its our second week here for Devin hes a 5th grader too this year!!

vgsmom said...

We're back in the swing too, glad you're feeling better.